Folkliv (Folklife)

What do we actually know about life in Sweden before industrialization? Come along to the borderland between imagination and reality, when images, sounds and stories from The Folklife Archive in Lund is presented in new ways. The TV-series Folklife, consisting of 10 episodes, was produced 2009-2010 at The Department of Cultural Science, Lund University. It has been broadcast a number of times in national Swedish television SVT2 and Kunskapskanalen.


The episodes are based on archive material that are composed to a suggestive audiovisual mix. The intention with the series has been to examine how historical archive material can be used in a process where cultural analytic questions are juxtaposed with artistic expressions. How do we draw the line between historical representation, documentary and artistic evocation?

The project has been conducted by ethnologist and artist Robert Willim and artist Anders Weberg, together with ethnologist and speaker Mia-Marie Hammarlin. The series was realized with extensive help by archivists Charlotte Hagström, Göran Sjögård and music archivist Patrik Sandgren, all at The Folklife Archive in Lund.

The speaker voice and the traditional songs in the series are in Swedish. At this time Folklife is not available with English (or other) subtitles.

1 Blod (Blood) View In iTunes
2 Gräns (Border) View In iTunes
3 Gäst (Guest) View In iTunes
4 Havande (Pregnant) View In iTunes
5 Kraft (Force) View In iTunes
6 Kärlek (Love) View In iTunes
7 Mjölk (Milk) View In iTunes
8 Orm (Snake) View In iTunes
9 Tänder (Teeth) View In iTunes
10 Vatten (Water) View In iTunes

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