New Book: Where is the Field? edited by Laura Hirvi and Hanna Snellman

Where is the Field?
The Experience of Migration Viewed through the Prism of Ethnographic Fieldwork
Editors: Laura Hirvi and Hanna Snellman (SKS, 2012)

This edited volume sheds light on the experiences of immigrants in different parts of the world and offers insightful reflections on the art of carrying out fieldwork in the present day, when the task of locating the ‘field’ seems to present a particular challenge for researchers. Thanks to its fresh approach and its detailed descriptions of methods, this book is of interest not only to both apprentice and more experienced ethnographers working in the discipline of migration studies but also to scholars conducting ethnographic research in other fields.
You can order the book from the publisher: SKS KIRJAT

Researchers Hanna Snellman and Laura Hirvi

Hanna Snellman is Professor of European Ethnology at the University of Helsinki (Finland). She has carried out studies on migrant workers in Finland, Sweden and North America and on fieldwork methodology.

Laura Hirvi is a doctoral student at the Department of History and Ethnology at the University of Jyväskylä (Finland), who is about to submit her dissertation in which she explores how Sikhs with a migration background living in Helsinki (Finland) and in Yuba City (California) negotiate their identities. Her latest publications include ‘The Sikh Gurdwara in Finland: Negotiating, Maintaining and Transmitting Immigrants’ Identities’ published in 2010 in the journal South Asian Diaspora and a chapter on the work and migration histories of Sikhs in Finland in an edited volume on Sikhs in Europe, which was published by Ashgate in 2011.

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